Working with Foundation CSS Framework

Discovering an easy to use, mobile responsive CSS framework is like hitting the lottery for any front end web developer. Some frameworks are too basic, too complex in design, or not easily customizable, so it is relieving when you find a good developing tool. After having used Foundation with my recent web design, I felt inclined to discuss some of their great features.

Process of web design

First and foremost, this particular CSS framework stood out to me because of how professional and appealing their development tools are. Unlike some of the frameworks I have used in the past, their features are ready to use and do not need many modifications in order to make your site look very appealing. For example, if you want a quick responsive layout, you can use one of eight of their HTML templates. This allows for quick customization and site development. The templates create the initial skeleton of your site, and you can add and modify this skeleton utilizing their building blocks. This feature has an extensive library of website add-ins such as search boxes, cards, navigation bars, toggle switches, buttons and more. Within their building blocks section, another interesting feature they have are their building blocks kits. For example, if you know you need a blog or dashboard section, you can download one of their kits and this allows you to spend less time searching through their library of development tools. Because their features can be directly added to your HTML and CSS pages, you can easily design your site but still make it your own by adding your modifications.

Additionally, the foundation framework allows for a completely responsive design. With their XY grid, you can devise a mobile responsive site, and modify it as devices increase in size and complexity. To simplify, the XY grid utilizes Flexbox to allow for horizontal and vertical alignment. If you want to use your own code to build a semantic grid, you can use the CSS XY grid along with their Sass mix-ins.

Whether you need to create a website in a few days or have some time to spare, I highly recommend checking out Foundation to use as your next CSS framework. You won’t be disappointed with their mobile responsive features, and their vast array of development tools.